How to Know Where You Need Improvement in Less Than 3 Minutes

Which areas of your life are healthy?

Which areas need some developing?

My hunch is that you have a general feeling of where things are working and where you need some improvement.

I would also bet, though, that naming these areas with precision would be difficult.

For that reason, I’m going to introduce you to a tool that you can use to bring your awareness into focus.

In a matter of minutes, you can have a physical picture of exactly which areas of your life are healthy and which areas need investment.

It’s called the Wheel of Life.

How to Assess the 8 Key Areas of Your Life with the Wheel of Life Framework

This video will tell you everything that you need to know in less than 3 minutes. Just click play!

It’s hard to make a change when you don’t know where to start.
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To give you an example of what a completed wheel of life might look like, check out the image below.

As you can see, having a picture like this makes it really clear as to which areas need to be addressed in order to ensure a smoother ride through life.

Your Turn…

What does your wheel look like? What area needs the most attention?

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4 thoughts on “How to Know Where You Need Improvement in Less Than 3 Minutes

  1. wheel of life exercise was easy and helped me visualize why life can get bumpy—a perfect kicking off point to my bootstrapping process.