Unlocking Your Inner Expert for Profits, Passion, and a Platform

Did you know that you have inner expert waiting to emerge?

Yes you.

You can make money from work that you find meaningful.

You can do work that builds your personal platform and impacts the lives of others.


Unlock your Inner Expert.

You’ll quickly enjoy the benefits that come with expert status:

1. Experts get paid. In fact, experts get paid many times more than non-experts who offer the same service. Why? Because people hire experts based on the value that they expect to receive not based on the cheapest market price.

2. Experts have passion. It’s hard to become an expert without passion for your work. And even if you do, it’s next to impossible to continue to offer expert quality work if you are miserable doing it.

3. Experts have a platform. With the expert distinction comes other people’s attention and trust. The simple truth is that words spoken by a non-expert don’t carry the same impact as they would coming from the mouth of an expert. Experts have a platform from which they can maximize their impact.

Ok, but how exactly do you identify and unlock your Inner Expert?

The 3 M’s for Recognizing Your Expert Opportunity

As depicted above, your expert opportunity sits at the intersection of three major variables:

  • Your meaning. What activities and pursuits honor your values and bring you the most enjoyment?

  • Your market. What people are actively looking for solutions to problems that you are suited to answer better than anyone else?

  • Your money. What is the best way for you to make money from services or products that serve your market and engage you in meaningful work?

Notice that 3 M’s of Expertise require you to have a deep understanding of three entities:

  • You’ll need to understand yourself. If you don’t know what makes you tick, it will be hard to do work that brings you meaning.

  • You’ll need to understand others. If you don’t know what makes others tick, particularly others that you are uniquely suited to serve, it will be impossible to identify your market.

  • You’ll need to understand your business. If you don’t know how to map your meaningful activities to your markets greatest needs in the form of a service or product, you’ll be broke. (Remember, experts get paid!)

Here’s the cool part:

You don’t need a fancy degree or letters after your name to be an expert.

You already have an expert within. You simply need the keys to unlock that inner expert.

Once you have clarity (and action) on your meaning, your market, and your money, your Inner Expert will emerge.

Want More?

Interested in learning more?

I’m going to be launching an interactive coaching course that will help you do three things:

  • Identify your Expert Opportunity
  • Develop your Expert Value Proposition
  • Make your first $100 as an Expert

If you are interested in this course and haven’t already signed up for email updates, do that beneath this post.

If you are really interested and want to get started asap, shoot me an email at bootstrapmylife[at]gmail.com.

Finally, leave a comment and let me know the #1 biggest barrier to you making money as an expert.

ps. Big time shout out to Jim Collins and his work in Good to Great that inspired and informed my expert paradigm. This book is a MUST read.

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5 thoughts on “Unlocking Your Inner Expert for Profits, Passion, and a Platform

  1. Great post! I will be pursuing my inner expert–which has been attempting to remain within–but now I have a little tool to expose him (he he he) I think I’m going to be in for a real surprise. I’ll email all about it later. C’ya! and God bless!

  2. Great post. I’m wrestling with “Your meaning” right now. It’s so important, because when you enjoy what you do, and what you do just comes naturally to you . . . it’s a lot easier to be an expert in it!


    • Agreed Casey. I think in some sense you need to “feel” your way there over time. As well though, there are very practical tools to help you get there much faster that we’ll be sharing more abt here :)