Listening To Your Life

Day to day pours out speech and night to night reveals knowledge.

Did you know that your life speaks to you?

During the day it pours out wisdom and at night it reveals knowledge.

Your life is always speaking. But are you listening?

Too often we fight with our life.

When something doesn’t go our way, we get frustrated. When plans are changed, we get mad. When someone makes an off-handed comment, we get easily hurt.

Even more often, we ignore our life.

Two different people give us the same piece of encouragement or feedback, and we chalk it up as a pleasant coincidence. Our intuition nudges us in a direction, and we toss it away as a random passing thought.

All of these scenarios are missed opportunities to dialogue with life.

We miss out on this dialogue for many reasons, but two, in particular, stand out:

  1. Fear that we are not in control
  2. Fear that we might be called to something more

Fear that we are not in control

Some things are in our control. Others are not.

While we cannot always control our circumstances, we can control our perspective. And so, when circumstances go awry and plans are ruined, take a deep breath and recognize that your life is speaking to you.

Perhaps, your life is giving you the opportunity to practice patience or lightheartedness. Or perhaps your life is putting you on a better course.

Either way, there is wisdom in asking:

What is life telling me from this situation?

Don’t react and get frustrated. Pause and listen. Life is offering you a gift.

Fear that we might be called to something more

We all get internal nudges and even prodding from our intuition telling us to try something new and explore further. Unfortunately, instead of listening to that intuition we often run from it.

It’s easier to stay stagnant. It’s scary to try something new.

We’re afraid that we’ll fail and look silly or maybe go in the wrong direction. So instead, we settle for blending in and going nowhere.

Follow that nudge.

So what if it leads nowhere? You’ll be that much more experienced at attempting to listen to your life. You’ll have a new data point, and you’ll have learned something.

Really though, what we are more scared of, is:

What if it does lead somewhere?

We might have to make a change. We might be forced to grow, and that will be uncomfortable and awkward.

But nothing great ever came from comfortable and stagnant. We know that.

Question: What do you think of listening to your life? How does your life speak to you? Leave a comment.


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8 thoughts on “Listening To Your Life

  1. Ry, this post is beyond timely for me! It’s way easier to “tune out” the insights that smack us in the mouth from time to time. I’m taking some time to listen!

  2. Great post, Ryan! I can totally relate…especially to the fear of trying something new = scary! And the fear of failure or even the fear off success/something more. Good stuff. Keep it up! Thanks!

  3. Ryan,

    I agree, with one caveat.

    “Something more” quite often comes at the expense of some other area of success that we need to lay down. When you step out of the boat this life gets very edgy. If you are working for an eternal reward remember that it won’t necessarily look (or feel) like success in this life. A poured out life is a very romantic notion when your cup is more than half full.

    The caveat is this: The reward you receive will be the reward you have intended to work for, whether it is spiritual, financial or relational. Be sure you are ready to measure your success with the appropriate scale.

    • Wow! Super insightful. I love the idea of measuring success with the appropriate scale. And yes, something more in one area very often does mean something less in another. Great stuff Tom!