How To Find Your Message

From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. – Book of Luke

What does it take to find your message?

The statement to the world that your life makes.

To launch a life that matters, you need to be about something.

But more than just being about something, you need to share that something with your life. That’s your message.

Communicating that message effectively is a matter of the hands, or skillful execution.

Finding that message, though, is a matter of the heart.

As it was said long ago, “From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

Therefore, instead of jumping to the hands, or the execution of our message, let’s begin with the heart.

To unlock your message you’ll need to:

  • Feed your heart.
  • Guard your heart.
  • Listen to your heart.

Feeding Your Heart

The information, messages, and interactions that you consume are feeding your heart. Some of it nourishes. Some of it doesn’t.

Focus on actively feeding your heart nourishing intake.

3 key indicators that something nourishes your heart are peace, energy, and confidence.

With that in mind,

  • Read and listen to material that nourishes. Recently, I have had nourishing experiences reading the book Minimalism and listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast on energy.

  • Spend time in relationships that nourish your heart. Recently, I spoke with my friend Jay on the phone. He just called to catch up but I ended up sharing some things that I had been working through, and he was an excellent sounding board. I left the call feeling refreshed.

  • Spend time in quietness to nourish your heart. Recently, I’ve been getting up earlier in order to start my days in stillness and quiet. My heart feels alive after these times.

Guarding Your Heart

Actively seeking out nourishing material is a good offense, but you also need a good defense. You’ll need to protect against malnourishing intake and interactions that come your way.

Symptoms that your heart is malnourished are anxiety, insecurity, and anger.

  • Avoid malnourishing messages. In general, I avoid too much news intake because it’s often sensational, melodromatic, and anxiety producing. I also stay away from depressing music because it depresses me – but that might just be my personal proclivity.

  • Avoid malnourishing relationships. Do you get sucked into relationships and interactions that drag you down? Either fix them through honest conversation or get the heck out of them!

    Sounds harsh, but getting your message to the world is at stake.

  • Avoid distracted busyness. Recently, I started a particular day not with stillness and quiet but rather with checking social media, which turned into checking email, which turned into searching the web for answers to other people’s problems.

    I lost my composure and spent my day anxiously responding to all the messages that were coming at me. Boo!

Listening to your heart

Now that you’re taking ownership and keeping watch over what comes into your heart, it’s time to start listening for your message.

As you listen, examine what in particular resonates with you. What specific aspect of that information or interaction is so meaningful to you?

Once you identify what specifically brings you deep meaning, your message will become apparent.

  • Listen to the material that nourishes you. Again, listen for specific points of resonance.

    When I was reading Minimalism, the authors discussed the difference between a job, a career, and a mission. My heart leapt. Helping others move from job and career toward mission is a specific part of my message.

  • Listen to the relationships that nourish you. What advice do people come seeking from you? What specific things do people find encouraging or impressive about you?

    People often come to me asking what they should do with their life (especially as it pertains to their work). They encourage my insight in that area as well. There’s my message again.

  • Listen for specifics in your times of quiet. As I meditate, I often come back to the importance of having my heart inform the work of my hands. It’s another wrinkle to my message.

Question: Do you find that you are aware of your heart informing the words that you speak and the life that you live? Share by leaving a comment.


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4 thoughts on “How To Find Your Message

  1. I’ve recently learned to listen to it better. It made a big difference. Decisions are much easier to make (e.g. who to spend time with, what to do day to day) and my “flow” is much smoother.