The #1 Thing You Need to Do TODAY to succeed as an entrepreneur

Last night, I met with two ridiculously talented musicians.

They are also talented entrepreneurs.

They have been on tour with Death Cab for Cutie and collaborated with Third Eye Blind.

Up until now, all of their projects have been a result of people approaching them.

Other people have picked them time and again.

Now, they want to turn their side music business (orchestral accompaniment and experiences for people new to orchestra) into their full-time work. But they are feeling a little stuck.

So what’s holding them back?

Well, we met to talk about strategy and tactics to get them to this next phase of their business.

We talked about pitch decks and key metrics and one year plans.

It was all “good” stuff, but none of it really got at the heart of the issue they are facing. Their real problem is not one of strategy.

So what’s the real issue?

They are having trouble picking themselves.

To get to the next phase of their business, they can’t simply rely on in-coming requests. They need to propose projects of their own, and they need to raise some capital.

In short, they need to tell others:

> We are worth it and here is why…

And trust me, they are well worth it!

This duo has been chosen time and again by some of the world’s most famous bands, and yet they are still having trouble choosing themselves.


Because it’s hard.

It’s hard to believe in your core that you are worth it – even if everyone else says so. It’s even harder to explain to others why you are worth it and risk ridicule or rejection or failure.

Still, it’s a necessary part of the entrepreneur’s journey.

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The Benefits of Choosing Yourself

If you can choose yourself, there are two big benefits waiting on the other side:

  1. You are free to serve others. Once you approve yourself, you no longer need to walk in fear of other people’s approval. Instead, you can use that energy to focus on how you can best serve them with your work.

  2. You are free to enjoy success. Choosing yourself let’s you “go for it” and ask for business and other opportunities. Having hired and managed hundreds of people, it’s painfully obvious to me that the ones who are rewarded with the best pay and most opportunities are the ones who ask for it – and then deliver results.

And what if you choose yourself, put yourself out there, and get rejected?

Shake it off and move on.

You’ll find it’s not that painful, and you’ll wonder why you were so afraid of rejection in the first place.

Other people may choose you, and they may not. Other people may celebrate you, and they may not.

Really though that doesn’t matter.

What matters is deciding for yourself that you are worth it. If you choose yourself, others will follow.

If you do nothing else today, do this: choose yourself.

The world needs your contribution.

Do you find it hard to choose yourself? If so, Why? Leave a comment.

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18 thoughts on “The #1 Thing You Need to Do TODAY to succeed as an entrepreneur

  1. Oooh I know exactly what your clients are going through. How is it I can successfully promote people yet I struggle with promoting myself? And I am a digital marketer. Clients who come to me are always pleased with my work but I’m still terrified of being “found out.” Perhaps I have to think of myself as a client and work from that angle.

    • I hear you Caylie. I do the same thing – promote others and then doubt myself. Sounds like talking to yourself as you would a client is a great strategy. Imagine if you had the same faith in yourself that you have in them :)

  2. this is a great observation. I’ve noticed this more with people when they are unemployed. They start thinking that no one wants them and it makes it even harder to move forward. If you choose yourself first the rest doesn’t matter.

  3. Ryan,

    I enjoy your upbeat tone, as always. I am encouraged by your posts. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

    • So True Ian – though I think a lot of people are more capable of delivering than they give themselves credit for.