Why Bootstrap My Life Will Help You Launch a Life That Matters.

Do you ever worry that your life won’t amount to much?

- That you won’t enjoy financial freedom
- That you’ll be stuck doing work that doesn’t “scratch your itch”
- That you won’t make a lasting difference in the lives of others

**Here’s the truth: Those are legitimate fears.**

But they don’t have to be your reality, *if you’re willing to address them head on.* You can use those fears to drive you to launch a life that matters.

A rich life. One where you love your work and are well-known for the massive value that you create for others.

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My Story


I’m Ryan Ferrier, the founder of Bootstrap My Life. I help young people invest in themselves professionally so that they can get paid more, do work that they love, and create value for others. Before starting Bootstrap My Life, I was a cofounder or early team member at 3 successful startup companies. My companies have been acquired by Microsoft and Zynga. As a startup operator and executive, I have hired literally hundreds of people as employees and contractors. I also currently serve as an advisor to some of Silicon Valley’s top startups on their business operations and hiring strategies. **But before all of that, I was broke, unemployed, and not sure what I was going to do with my life.** Within four years, I went from unemployed to an internet executive. And here’s the crazy thing (actually 3 crazy things): – I do NOT have an MBA – I was a Studio Art Major.
- I do NOT have technical chops – I am an IT guy’s worst nightmare.
- I was NEVER a part of the HighQ club – no witty comment needed here. I started BML because I am convinced that radical professional (and personal) transformation is possible. I’ve seen it in my own life. BML teaches the exact strategies that I used to bootstrap my professional life. As well, it provides inside information on what employers and potential clients look for when making hiring decisions. Learn these strategies to bootstrap your own professional life.