2 Tricks to Getting Lucky In the Bedroom

If you want to hit it, you’ve got to work for it, even especially if you are a married man like me.

Fortunately, I have a few tricks to make the magic happen. Two, in particular, work without fail.

So what are these two fail-proof tricks to knockin’ the boots?

Drum roll…

  1. Doing the dishes
  2. Starting this site

Pretty unusual tactics, huh?

Well, they work. And I think that’s because they’re about so much more than doing the dishes or starting a website. 

In fact, these two things are attractive to all people. They’ll help you bring the sexy back to all areas of your life – not just your romantic relationships.

1. Doing the dishes is really about being a servant.

  • It sends a signal to my wife that I am willing to do the dirty work associated with keeping our relationship going.
  • It lets her know in clear terms that we are a team, and I’m working for the greater good.
  • It gives me credibility.

That type of earned credibility is attractive, period. For your partner, it builds a relational connectedness that breeds physical intimacy.

2. Starting this site is evidence that I am a man on a mission.

In launching this site, I took an active step toward following my passions and pursuing a greater purpose in my life and work. I love communicating, and I have made it my purpose to help others launch lives that matters.

  • It reminds my wife that I am a passionate person.
  • It gives her proof that I have the courage to put myself out there.
  • It puts us on an adventure together.

That type of deep meaning and adventure is contagious to everyone. In a romantic relationship, it’s a catalyst for physical passion.

Want to take it a step further and venture into a Don Juan territory?

Bonus: Be a servant on a mission.

  1. Identify areas where you can serve.
  2. Identify causes that you are passionate about. (Hint: what do you daydream about?)
  3. Identify where the two overlap and start with a single step.
    • If you’re passionate about cupcakes, bake a batch for the office.
    • If your thing is pets, adopt one (or six) from the shelter.
    • If you love fashion design, start a fashion designers forum – or just join one.

Follow these steps and I guarantee that you’ll bring sexy back to your life. 

And you might just get lucky.

Question: Do you typically associate service with adventure and pursuing your passions? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

photo courtesy of: Allen Jae Lee

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